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Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync

Your business contains rich amounts of information on your customers, prospects, partners and suppliers. Within all this data, how do you identify critical information which requires immediate attention?

Maximizer Enterprise Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync monitors your business systems and automatically assigns the appropriate people to take action. This saves everyone time and makes sure no lead or customer slips through the net.

Just apply business context and logic to your data to give yourself the power to respond proactively. Configure Workflow Automation with rules to process the information and the logic of who to send alerts and reports to. You donít have to waste time searching for these instances and you can be confident that youíre not missing any more opportunities to build a successful customer relationship.

Respond Immediately with Real-Time Alert Messaging  
  • Receive alerts on critical business activities via e-mail, fax, pager, or phone so you can respond to time-sensitive information wherever you are.
  • Monitor information in Maximizer Enterprise as well as other database applications such as your accounting or inventory systems for greater visibility into your businessí important daily activities.


  • If a hot lead has not been contacted in five days, send an automatic alert to the sales manager and schedule a follow-up call for the client with the appropriate account manager.  
  • When more than four customer service cases are entered for one customer in a given week, send an alert to the customer support manager and the appropriate account manager.  
  • Add web leads automatically to a one-on-one follow-up e-mail campaign and alert the appropriate account manager.

Monitor and Automatically take Action on Incoming E-mail:

  • Respond quickly and create higher customer satisfaction by monitoring the incoming e-mail to your sales@, customerservice@ or other generic address. With the E-mail Response System, simply apply rules based on message content or sender and take action to respond immediately.  
  • Monitor incoming e-mail, identify the customerís record in Maximizer Enterprise and route the message to the appropriate account manager while saving it to the customerís record.  
  • Send an automatic response to the sender based on the message content so they know that youíre actively investigating their enquiry. For example, automatically create a customer service case when an e-mail is received and send receipt confirmation with case number back to the sender.  
  • All the activities and information coming and going in your business every day may seem overwhelming. Maximizer Enterprise Workflow Automation will make building successful customer relationships seem so much easier by ensuring no customer inquiry or opportunity slips through the nets.

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