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Get contacts from a list of Companies

At this time of year most of you will be looking at sending out some kind of holiday mailing to your customers, Maximizer offers several tools to do this from the basic functionality of the Maximizer Editor all the way up to sending fully HTML mailings from the campaign manager.

It is also possible that you will be sending out a mailing either via an external company or a through a different application hosted internally.

In whichever case the primary concern is often how to get the list of people you want to contact in Maximizer.  Generally your search criteria will return you a list of companies but it is not the company you want to e-mail, in this case its the contacts of that company.

This months Technical Tip will look at how to retrieve a list of contacts from a list of companies.

The first step in this process is to use the Maximizer search tools to build up a list company records in the address book window, such as the one shown here:

Company List

After building the list of company records the process is simple, just follow the steps as outlined below.

Step 1.  Click the Edit Menu and click on 'Select All'.

Records Selected

Step 2.  Click the Search Menu and click on 'Retrieve Contacts'.

Retrieve Contacts

 You will now have a mixed list of company and contact records with all the company records selected.  A couple of extra steps will turn this list into a list of just contacts.

Step 3.  Click the Edit Menu and click on 'Invert Selection'.

Invert Selection

Step 4.  Click the Edit Menu again and click on 'Make Selected List Current'.

Make Selected List Current

You will now see only a list of contacts, this list can then be exported, saved to a favourites list for future use in campaigns or simply printed.

Contacts List

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