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New Features

NEW Workflow Automation.

Monitor your business' systems and automatically respond to critical business activities with new Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync. Save everyone time and make sure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

Simply apply your business context and logic to configure Workflow Automation to monitor the massive amounts of information coming into your business every day and alert people or assign tasks automatically.


bullet Automatically send an alert to the sales manager and schedule a follow-up call for a client if a hot lead has not been contacted in 5 days.
bullet Automatically schedule a report to be sent to the customer service manager every Friday morning with information on the team's phone logs and account activities.
bullet Or configure your system to monitor web leads or incoming e-mails and schedule a series of automatic e-mails back to the prospect, plus alert the account manager in their territory for a follow-up phone call.

Maximizer Enterprise Workflow Automation will give you an edge on your competition and make building successful relationships seem so much easier.

NEW Sales Lead and Account Management
bullet Identify and manage leads and easily convert them to customers.
bullet Assign leads to business partners and resellers, then automatically send an e-mail alert to ensure no leads slip through the cracks.
bullet Track lead status and source to monitor the sales funnel and the success of marketing programs.
bullet Assign account managers to take ownership of leads and customers, then easily report on the sales funnel, forecast, or phone logs by account manager.
bullet Understand influencers and decision-makers with your clients better by tracking the reporting relationships within their organizations.
bullet Show important information up front when a customer record is opened by assigning key user-defined fields.
Improved List and Campaign Management for more effective Direct Marketing
bullet Automatically measure campaign response statistics such as e-mail open rates and landing page click-throughs so you see your campaign ROI and maximize your marketing dollars.
bullet Effectively manage opt-in and opt-out lists for targeted direct marketing and newsletter lists. New "do not solicit" function and enhanced data security ensures you comply with new privacy, anti-spam and do-not-call legislations that protect your customer from unwanted solicitations and you from costly penalties.
bullet Increase the reach to your customer base with automated multi-phase e-mail, and now fax and print campaigns too.
bullet New categorized and multi-level user-defined fields give you more control of how you organize and sort customer profile information. Help sales and service staff find information faster to accurately enter information and better service customers when they're on the phone. Plus you can maintain data integrity by including descriptions and 'requested by' information for each user-defined field.
bullet Easily perform searches under multiple criteria, such as purchase date, state and product interest, with improved complex searching.
bullet Ensure campaigns are running smoothly and hitting customers on schedule by sending automatic alerts to the marketing manager and system administrator when there's a failure with an e-mail or fax campaign.
bullet With tighter integration between account information and marketing campaigns, know which promotions or newsletters your customer or prospect is receiving so you can tailor your sales message effectively.
Gain Visibility into Customers with NEW Crystal Reports® Bundle

Create, edit and produce customized reports to gain further visibility into your customers using best-of-breed business intelligence reporting tool, Crystal Reports by Business Objects®, now bundled for every Maximizer Enterprise user. With Crystal Reports, use the Expert and Wizard tools to quickly and easily produce cross-tab, drill-down, summary reports and more. Highlight the information you need by grouping and sorting data, then add charts. Further analyze data in a familiar Excel environment, and publish reports to colleagues in PDF, Word, HTML and other standard formats.

Even analyze data in other database applications, such as your accounting or ERP systems, against the customer data in Maximizer Enterprise to get a
complete view of your customer history, transactions and relationships. Then automatically have reports delivered directly to key stakeholders
that need to see critical information either on a regular schedule or dependent on critical customer activities, using Maximizer Enterprise Workflow Automation. Maximizer Enterprise 9 now also supports Crystal Analysis for multi-dimensional
analytical views.

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