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CABC Maximizer Add-on SummaryBuy now at

CABC have built extensive development libraries to help us produce applications that integrate with Maximizer. As a result we are currently developing a range of add-on products based on our MXT™ Maximizer integration platform. This page provides an overview of the products we have developed to date. If you would like further details about a particular product, follow the "more info" link or refer to the list of solutions on the right hand menu.

Excel Quotation Integration logo Microsoft Excel Integration is a new tool for your sales team providing Companies with a moderately sized inventory the facility to raise quotations much more efficiently. Read more ...
Mail Agent Logo Our Mail Agent software is a must have accessory if you are sending a regular and significant number of campaign emails. Mail Agent is available for Maximizer CRM Group and Enterprise editions for version 11 and 12. Read more ...

Campaign Manager Plus logo Campaign Manager Plus is an enhanced response capture tool that very simply extends the capability of the Maximizer Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager Plus is available for Maximizer CRM Group and Enterprise editions for version 11 and 12. Read more ...
Inbound Call Communicator CABC Inbound Call Communicator is based entirely on web communication with your CRM system.  Read more ...
Max Postcode logo An integrated Postcode addressing for Maximizer. Read more ...
Max Feed logo Max Feed provides facilities that ..
  1. regularly feed data from other corporate systems into Maximizer without programming!
  2. Enable sophisticated data import - creating minimal duplication
  3. De-duplicate companies in a Maximizer database
Read more ...
ToFrom Email Enhancer logo Any email added to the Maximizer database which does not have a document category set is automatically detected and classified by the service. This version is not Max Exchange compliant. Read more ...
Web Enquiries Window Logo This application is designed to integrate with a LAN based Maximizer system to provide simple lead collection from your website combined with effective tracking and reporting of enquiries/leads generated. Read more ...
Pipeline Plus logo Pipeline Plus is a complete management tool for your sales team and pipeline review. Both middle and senior management will find Pipeline Plus an indispensable tool for everyday business. Read more ...
Max Doc logo Max Doc is an alternative Microsoft Word integration for Maximizer CRM. Read more ...
Other Info logo CABC's Other Info Window provides an extra tab in Maximizer alongside the Documents/UDFs/Notes tabs which will allow users to add links between Maximizer address book entries and resources outside of  Maximizer. Read more ...
Max Badge logo Max Badge Maker is an Add-in that provides an easy way to create personalised event/conference badges from your Maximizer client list. Read more ...
Bounce Assist Logo Email Bounce Assist is an outlook add-in activity that simplifies and speeds up the task of processing soft bounce email replies that you receive after running an email campaign. Soft bounces are the emails that advise you that the recipient no longer exisits or cannot be contacted anymore on the email address that you wrote to. Read more ...


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