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Excel Quotation Integration

click hereWatch the short video and see how easily you can create and store a quote in less than 60 seconds. 

click hereYou can also watch a longer video to show how the Microsoft Excel Integration can be used to create merge and save documents (8 mins)

Microsoft Excel Integration for Maximizer CRM Web Client Edition

Many people already use Microsoft Excel Workbooks to create customer specific documents requiring calculations such as quotations, estimates, requirement analysis, RMA etc. Now integrating data from Maximizer and saving and changing key information on address book, opportunities and cases is easy using our latest edition of our Microsoft Excel Integration for Maxmizer CRM.

Buy now at this software installed you will get a new tab in your Microsoft Excel. The buttons enable you to quickly adapt any existing Microsoft Excel Workbook used for estimating, quoting etc to merge in data from Maximizer CRM and save key values back to the related address book, opportunity or case records and to save copies of the Workbook in seconds.

Need your documents uniquely numbered? No problem, with the built-in numbering system every time a member of your team uses a template the document will automatically be allocated a unique reference number. You can amend documents and create revision version numbers.

Screenshot of spreadsheet  

With these features shown you can:-

    * Populate your spreadsheet with Company details

    * Automatically allocate next quote number with revision numbering.

    * Adapt existing workbooks with merge fields

    * Update the address book, case or opportunity in Maximizer e.g. total revenue, margin

    * Save a copy of the Workbook to the record in Maximizer

    * Define integration configuration options on a per template basis

    To learn more about this software and see it in action why not watch our video demonstrations?

    click hereA very quick introduction to our Microsoft Excel Integration for Maximizer CRM Web edition (V12 & CRM 2015), see how quick and easy it is to merge data to Microsoft Excel and to update Maximizer


    click hereA longer demo that shows how the Microsoft Excel Integration for Maximizer CRM Web edition (V12 & CRM 2015) can be used to create merge and save documents such as Quotations and industry specific calculations for Companies, Contacts Individuals, Opportunities and Cases in your Maximizer CRM


    If you found these videos interesting you may wish to watch the following tutorials which will show you:

    Tutorial 1 - Template Creation with Maximizer CRM Microsoft Excel Integration - Shows you how to configure most Microsoft Excel templates to work with Maximizer CRM using our Microsoft Excel Integration. In this tutorial we show how to set up merge fields. How to set up write backs and how to configure unique document numbering.

    Tutorial 2 - Parts handling in QuotationTemplates With Maximizer CRM Microsoft Excel Integration - See how parts lists can be managed in Microsoft Excel quotations, some of this is Microsoft Excel tips and some explaining how to configure our integration to do parts counting.

    Click here if you would like to try the software with a 30 day evaluation

    If you still need to use the Maximizer Windows edition of our Microsoft Excel Integration find out more here

    To enquire further about this product please click here

    To purchase this product please click here to visit


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