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Enhance your Marketing abilities with CABC and Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM provides powerful built-in facilities to enable you to undertake marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects. This sheet outlines a number of ways in which CABC can help you to use this functionality to the maximum benefit in your business.

Our add-on products and unique training courses are designed to enable you to execute powerful e-marketing campaigns as well as to develop your skills in the use of Maximizer CRM to organise and execute electronic and traditional marketing campaigns such as events and exhibitions.

Everything you need to deliver Marketing Campaign with Maximizer





Powerfully extended interactive e-mail campaigns


With Campaign Manager Plus you can extend your e-mail marketing to be truly interactive and Get the results directly in your CRM database. All existing Maximizer campaign features are unaltered.

  1. Enhanced Unsubscribe processing.  Don’t just offer a blanket opt out as in the core Maximizer product, let users choose which of your lists to be on.
  2. Ask questions in short branching surveys that get the results written back in UDFs and Notes. Simply configure your questions on your Maximizer Campaign record.

For example, your email offers a seminar with a choice of dates the recipient clicks the link ...and is taken to a choice page styled to fully match your web site. After signing up, they are presented with a campaign specific Thank You page and all the results are already in Maximizer in UDFs on the recipients contact record and as a Narrative Note of the interaction. Ask up to 10 questions per survey. Page layout styling is set-up just once for all surveys and is .Net based, we offer page styling services when required.




To read more about this product please click here

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Sophisticated Automated Email Response Handling

Our Mail Agent software is a must have accessory if you are sending regular and significant numbers of campaign emails.

Our Fully automated email management service recognises the common types of reply email that arrive in reply to any bulk email campaign. Using its built in automated email evaluation engine the email is classified as one of 8 message types. For Example a “Non Delivery Reciept” .

The Agent offers a range of responses to each of the different types of email that arrive after the campaign and you can configure the systems rules to determine which of the responses you feel will best suit you.Once your rule set is loaded our Agent will automatically deal with the drudgery of NDRs etc.updating the original records in Maximzier and just forwarding to you the replies you really need to see.If you only have a few bounces to process ask us about EmailBounceAssist.

To read more about this product please click here

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Marketing with Maximizer Training

Learn how to get the most from Maximizer’s powerful marketing tools. These courses are designed to do much more than just show you where to click. We address many issues of effective marketing campaign management and show you how the different parts of Maximizer can be most effectively used in your business. Currently our Marketing course is available in 1, 2 and 3 day content forms.

At CABC we believe we have now developed the most complete Maximizer training course for Marketing and power users available in the UK. Our course contains over 30 separate learning modules which range from live e-mail marketing case studies through to list importing and event organising. These sessions are packed with practical tips and advice that will save you hours and improve your campaign delivery. You may also like to ask about our training and add-on bundles.

The most effective they’ve ever been!

Contact us for more details on any of the above products and services and find out about how to really get Maximizer delivering your marketing effectively.

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