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New Features of QuoteWerks 5.0 Build 1.06


New Features

  1. ConnectWise 2015.1 is now supported!
  2. Beta support for the new QuoteWerks for Web offering! Use the web version of QuoteWerks to view and edit your quotes from anywhere using a web browser. The Web version of QuoteWerks connects to your existing SQL backend installation of QuoteWerks enabling you to instantly access all of your existing quotes. QuoteWerks for Web is a hosted solution with access being through a web browser at Your account will be configured to use your backend SQL database that is hosted on your premise. QuoteWerks Corporate Edition (re-hosted to SQL) version 5.0 Build 1 or higher is required along with a QuoteWerks for Web subscription, and your SQL server must be accesssible through the web.
  3. There is now an 'Opportunities' Dashboard in QuoteWerks. The information displayed on this dashboard will be read in real-time from the quotes in the QuoteWerks database, which is the original source of the opportunity information so it will always be accurate, up-to-date, and instant. This dashboard will enable you to automatically track opportunities and quota achievement at the individual or company level. Gain insight into quarterly progress, various stages of quotes, top selling products, and more! The Opportunities Dashboard is only available in the Professional and Corporate Editions of QuoteWerks.
  4. You can now set a Monthly Sales Quota Amount per sales rep on the Sales tab of the User properties window. This is used in the MySummary and Opportunities Dashboards. The UserProperties "Commissions" tab has been renamed to "Sales".
  5. The MySummary Dashboard has been updated to include a "Quota bar" that shows sales statistics relating to the logged in user's sales quota.
  6. Multiple Product Database Search. You can now do a product search across multiple product databases. This will search all selected product databases including native product databases, and external product data sources like SQL, OLEDB, Autotask, ConnectWise,, QuickBooks, etc
  7. QuoteWerks now has built-in lease payment calculation support. You can very easily offer your customer the option to lease the quote. QuoteWerks makes it effortless to give the customer multiple lease choices such as 12 months, 36 months, FMV purchase, $1 buyout, 0/1 upfront payment, etc. As the quote total changes, the lease payments automatically re-calculate! All leasing companies are supported, simply enter your leasing companies lease rate factor data into QuoteWerks. When quote is delivered using QuoteValet, as the customer changes options, the lease payments are automatically re-calculated to reflect the new quote total. Through QuoteValet the customer can choose to purchase the quote outright or can choose a leasing option. There are many options, such as whether or not to include sales tax or not.
  8. QuoteWerks now supports a real-time leasing integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services. Offer leasing options to your customers and submit credit apps to GreatAmerica without leaving QuoteWerks! Real-time module is required. On the Sale Info tab, just choose the [Add Lease payment Options] button in the Payment Options frame. Once you select your GreatAmerica lease card, the real-time query to GreatAmerica will enable you to see all the lease options available from GreatAmerica such as terms, advance payments, points, and purchase options. Just select the combinations of options you would like to see and GreatAmerica provides all the iterations of those combinations. Once you've had a chance to see them, you can choose which ones you would like to offer to your customer.
  9. Dell Integration. The QuoteWerks Dell integration enables Dell Premier Partners with Punchout credentials, to import Dell order Requestions from the Dell Premier portal, and place electronic orders. You can initiate a new Dell order requisition from within QuoteWerks, choose items on the Dell website (or select a quote your Dell sales rep created for you), and then import those items into the QuoteWerks quote. Later, QuoteWerks can order those items electronically through Dell.
  10. Auto-Links feature on the Links tab. Use dynamically generated auto-links to quickly navigate to entities linked to your quote like contacts, opportunities, tickets, and activities. Especially useful for tickets since QuoteWerks may generate for example, 5 tickets, in your PSA and now you can quickly navigate to them using QuoteWerks. Examples of links are: Links to view the SoldTo, ShipTo, and BillTo contacts in Act! for Web, Autotask, ConnectWise, GoldMine, MSCRM, and Links to view the opportunity in, MSCRM, and Autotask. Links to view the call activity in MSCRM. Links to view the tickets in ConnectWise. In ConnectWise 2015.1 and higher, links to view the contact, activity, and opportunity.
  11. Payment options feature on the Sale Info tab. You can give you customer the choice to pay by Terms or by Credit Card. This is especially useful for QuoteValet users, if you specify any payment options and Credit Card is not included in the list of payment options, then when the quote is accepted through QuoteValet, your customer will not be presented with the option to pay by credit card. You can set defaultpayment options to be used in all new quotes under the Payment tab of the Tools->Options menu.
  12. For ConnectWise 2015.1 and higher users, on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab there is now a button you can click that will open the selected ConnectWise contact in ConnectWise.
  13. For ConnectWise 2015.1 and higher users, the Create/Update Opportunity window now has a button you can click that will open the selected ConnectWise opportunity in ConnectWise.
  14. QuoteWerks URL redirector. The web browser "quotewerks:" protocol handler is a great way to automate QuoteWerks actions from a web browser hyperlink. Not following standards, some CRMs have started requiring that all custom URL hyperlinks start with "http://" or "https://". To address this, we now have a QuoteWerks URL redirector. Instead of starting the URL with "quotewerks://quotebutton?" you can now instead use ""
  15. For ConnectWise 2015.1 and higher users, on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab there is now a button you can click that will open the selected ConnectWise contact in ConnectWise.
  16. For ConnectWise Users, when converting a Quote to an Order, on the "Close opportunity as Won" opportunity window, there is now an option to create a ConnectWise Sales Order from the Opportunity. This will link all Products, Notes, and Documents from the ConnectWise Opportunity to the New Sales Order in ConnectWise.
  17. For ConnectWise users, the Create/Update Opportunity window now has a button you can click that will open the selected ConnectWise opportunity in ConnectWise (Requires ConnectWise 2015.1 and higher).
  18. For API users, added an "Application.XMLEvent (byref sXMLEventData as string)" method.
  19. For API users, added an "Application.ProcessXMLRequest (byval sXMLRequest) as string" method
  20. Maximizer 13.0 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.06]
  21. There is now an option to synchronize the "\QuoteWerks\LeaseRateCards" folder. [Service Release: 1.06]

Misc Features

  1. Support for the Knowtia contact manager has been removed.
  2. For MSCRM users, the [Find MSCRM Server] feature has been removed. Activated beta testing support for ConnectWise 2014.5 beta.
  3. On the purchasing window, when clicking the [Create PO] button, it is now disabled while creating the PO to prevent it from being clicked again before the current operation has completed.
  4. Added Debug Command "DebugQVLicense" to display when a QuoteValet license is being allocated. [Service Release: 1.06]


  1. For ConnectWise users, when sending over bundle items as individual product items the quantities set for the individual items were not being calculated correctly.
  2. For MS CRM Users, when Winning an Opportunity in MS CRM that QuoteWerks did not create, that had an MS CRM Quote attached, you would receive an error when attempting to update the quote
  3. On the Document Open Window, when searching for both a Document Items field and Document headers field with the same name, would receive an error.
  4. For MS CRM Users using v6.0 and higher, when updating a call in MS CRM, the Priority would not be retrieved from the existing call and would be blank.
  5. if you installed a fresh install of QuoteWerks v4.7 build 1 or higher, then the DH.DepositMethodData field will only have been 80 chars. It needs to be 255 chars. This would cause problems and display an error when calculating the DepositAmount based on a line item value that had a ManufacturerPartNumber larger than 20 characters. If you already had a version of QuoteWerks installed prior to updating to QuoteWerks v4.7 Build, then the existing database would have been correctly upgraded to the proper 255 char size.
  6. On the Misc tab of Tools->Options window, the Recurring Group Rate Calculation Default was not being loaded with the Default that had been set. It would always default to APR. The Default was being saved and used, but anytime you came back to this window, it would be reset
  7. For Autotask users, if an Autotask user manually made changes to opportunity fields not set by QuoteWerks, they would be overwritten with a blank value when QuoteWerks created or updated a quote in Autotask.
  8. For fresh installations the DocumentHeaders.PaymentOptionsData field was not in the database. [Service Release: 1.04]
  9. In a Recurring Grouped Bundle, the line item tax amount displayed in the group header line was not correct if a group member had a quantity greater than 1. [Service Release: 1.04]
  10. On the License Manager, when entering the Update Key would give false error that you were not licensed to use the current version and build of QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.04]
  11. For ACT! 2010 and higher users, when updating a QuoteWerks installation or when running nsetup.exe on a Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher, the older ACT! 2005-2009 link was getting installed. When trying to use the ACT integration in QuoteWerks would receive the error message "Error:One or more of the files required for the ACT! 2005 (or higher) integration is missing. [Service Release: 1.06]

To refer to the features of the previous release click here

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