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New Features of QuoteWerks 4.9 Build 1.17

QuoteWerks New Features

  1. Introducing QuoteValet Web. Gain insight and have mobile access to your QuoteValet Executive Dashboard, StatusBoard, Leaderboard, Inbox, Peer Reviews, and Approvals, anywhere, anytime from any web device like your phone, tablet, or PC. QuoteValet Web is a browser based solution and is included in your QuoteValet subscription at no additional charge. QuoteValet Web is packed with features, here are just some of the highlights. Executive Summary: Gain insight into your business with the Executive Dashboard. From this dashboard you can see the total number and dollar amount of all quotes sent, accepted, and paid for any given date range. You can see the top quotes and orders (by $ amount), all documents that were viewed by customers, any customer comments, or sales rep comments. When reviewing each of these documents, you can use the [Send Note] feature to email the sales rep feedback or questions about the quote and you can easily cc their supervisor. Also in the dashboard is the Comparitive Analysis which gives you a pivot table like breakdown of your sales reps performance based on number of quotes, number of orders, dollar amount of quotes and dollar amounts of orders generated within a specified date range. Great for comparing the performance between sales reps. StatusBoard: The Status Board shows a non-interactive version of the Inbox for all users, but limits the notifications to priority notifications like quote acceptance, payments, customer comments, and expired quote viewed. This is meant to be run and displayed on a large monitor in the sales area so that the sales manager can see that all QuoteValet customer activity has been addressed, like all orders have been processed, etc. It automatically refreshes every minute to get you realtime customer activity notifications. Also displayed on the Status Board is the LeaderBoard which is a rotating panel that shows a) The top($) 10 Accepted Quotes this WEEK b) The top($) 10 Accepted Quotes this MONTH, c) The top($) 10 Accepted Quotes this YEAR, d) The top($) 10 Outstanding Quotes this WEEK e) The top($) 10 Outstanding Quotes this MONTH, f) The top($) 10 Outstanding Quotes this YEAR. Inbox: The inbox is very similiar to the QuoteValet Dashboard inbox within QuoteWerks. Peer Reviews: This will show you any peer reviews requested on documents that you have the rights to view. Approvals: This will show you any approval requests on documents that you have the rights to approve. My Summary: Very similiar to the Executive Summary is limited in that it will only show information about your own documents and it does not include the Comparative Analysis feature found in the Executive Summary. Find: This is a great way to quickly find a quote and see its current status and all activity history without actually opening it in QuoteWerks.

  2. Multi-level Undo (CTRL-Z) and Redo (CTRL-Y) for line items is now supported! There are 10 levels of undo. There are also Undo and Redo buttons on the grid toolbar.

  3. There is now built-in VB scripting support for the Corporate Edition. This enables you to write code to extend the functionality of QuoteWerks. Do special validations, check for combinations of items, and more. We offer professional services to assist in the writing of this script. In the Site.ini file under the [Scripting] section you can specify vbscript (.vbs) files that can be run for various events in QuoteWerks like BeforePrint, BeforeSaveDocument, etc. For example "BeforeSaveDocument=BeforeSaveDocumentEventScript.vbs", where BeforeSaveDocumentEventScript.vbs file is located in the Quotewerks folder. The ini key implementation is designed so that you can have multiple events call the same .vbs script file. For a complete list of events, please see the QuoteWerks API SDK. In the script you will have access to the API Application object and also the oEventParms object which will contain the parameters for the event being called. For example you can set oEventParms("bCancel") = True to cancel the event. Or in the BeforeDeleteDocument event you can read the oEventParms("lDocID") to know the DocID of the document being deleted. The oEventParms also contains a oEventParms("sEventName") containing the name of the event that is firing.

  4. Added support for Google Contacts as a CRM source. The integration includes the ability to search Google Contacts to find Contacts to pull into the quote

  5. QuickBooks 2014 USA, Canada and UK are now supported!

  6. For Etilize users (USA and Canada), when selecting items for purchasing on the Purchasing Window, there is now an Etilize Panel that lets you obtain current pricing and availability and enables you to change the sourcing vendor to a vendor that has the item in stock and at a lower price right before you place the order.

  7. There is now an Active Quotes Panel that can be displayed. When creating a new quote and selecting the contact you are creating the quote for, any active quotes for that contact will automatically be displayed in the Active Quotes Panel. This has several benefits. First, it brings to the sales reps attention that they or a colleague may already have an active quote out to this customer. In some cases you will just want to update the existing quote and send it out. This improves sales team communication, coordination, and eliminates the possible error of sending out more than one quote for the same project to the same customer. Second, this might be a quote that you created a while ago and lost. From here you can easily right click on the quote and choose "Convert to Lost". Third, you might realize that this customer already has several other outstanding quotes with you and you might want to re-focus your efforts on getting those quotes closed too. This Active Quotes Panel can be displayed by clicking on the icon on the Grid Toolbar. There is also a user level option "Auto display Active Quotes Panel" on the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. This will automatically display the panel when selecting a new contact for a quote and when opening existing quotes. The Active Quotes Panel displays the quote number, quote name, SoldToCompany, and the amount of the quote. This information is displayed for any users regardless of if the logged in user has rights to view the quotes of other users. This is done in an effort to help catch duplicated efforts, where two sales reps end up creating a quote for the same thing for the same customer. While the logged in user will be able to see the limited information about the other users quote in the Active Quotes Panel, the logged in user will not be able to actually open the quote (if they do not have View rights). This feature can also help de-clutter the quote database. We might have created a quote one year ago to renew maintenance, the customer might not have moved forward. Now when we start creating a new quote, we will be alerted of the existing quote and we can just update that quote, save as next revision (getting a new quote number), and then resend that quote, eliminating clutter from our quote database as we go.

  8. User settings on the Edit User Properties window can now be copied to other users or groups using the new Apply to tab. The settings from the Menus, Access, Documents, and Commissions tabs can be copied. Document approval settings located on the Documents tab can also be copied.

  9. There is a now an "Inactive" user account property. When you define a user login as 'Inactive' the user will no longer appear in any user lists except on the User Maintenance window. Setting this Inactive property is a great way to handle changes in your staff. You can make the account inactive so that the user can no longer log into QuoteWerks using that account. It gives you time to decide how to handle their existing quotes, should you give another sales rep access to them, should you delete them, etc. Importantly, in the meantime, all the sales reps quotes/orders/invoices are preserved, for reporting and access purposes. You can easily give other sales reps access to modify this inactive user's quotes so they can open then and change the sales rep to themselves. Also, if the administrator simply does not want the user logging in, maybe while the administrator is performing some kind of maintenance for the user, the administrator can temporarily set the account to 'Inactive'. Another good use for 'Inactive' is that the account can be flagged as inactive so it cannot be used to log into QuoteWerks, but the account still exists, so the rights in the account are still valid such as what users can view or modify this inactive users documents. Yet another use for this is that the administrator can create a 'Template User' which they configure with a combination of rights. Then they can just Clone this user when they create new users, saving you the time of specifying all the individual. Setting the Inactive property on the 'Template User' will prevent it from displaying in the login screen user list. If you want other users to see the old user in the user lists, you can remove the inactive flag and just change the password and choose by security rights which users can view/modify this old users quotes (used so they can possibly take over account ownership). Ultimately you generally never want to delete users because the security data of who can view the old users quotes would be lost and if you just re-assign all the old user's quotes/orders to a new user, then you lose the historical trail of whose quote/order it actually was.

  10. As a result of the collaboration between QuoteWerks and Tech Data, QuoteWerks can now retrieve quotes created by Tech Data sales reps directly from Tech Data's internal SAP system. So while you are talking with your Tech Data sales rep and he is helping find the correct items to order and creating his internal quote, you can enter the Tech Data quote number into QuoteWerks and it will simply appear in your QuoteWerks quote! You can then review it, suggest changes, have the Tech Data sales rep make the changes, and with another click you will have the updated quote in QuoteWerks - all in real-time!

  11. There is now a PreparedBy field on the Sale Info tab of the Quote WorkBook. This is used to identify the person preparing the quote for a sales rep. This person will be cc'd on all QuoteValet notifications that normally go to the sales rep, keeping the preparer "in the loop".

  12. For QuoteValet users, when posting peer review comments, or Approvals through the interface sales rep facing page, the PreparedBy user for the quote will also receive an email notification about the peer review comment or approval.

  13. For QuickBooks users, When exporting a PO directly to QuickBooks from the Purchasing Window without having first placed an online order, you are now given the option to supply the PO number to use in QuicKBooks.

  14. For QuoteValet users, you can now specify users to be CC'd and BCC'd for the following QuoteValet notifications "OrderForm Order Placed", "First View", "Approval Approved", "Approval Not Approved", and "Peer Review Posted". This is setup under the QuoteValet tab of the Tools->Options menu.

  15. For Autotask users, the Autotask Product Name can be created from Custom Text Fields 1 - 20, Internal Part Number, and Vendor Part number in addition to the Manufacturer Part Number and Description fields that could be used in previous builds

  16. For Autotask users, when QuoteWerks writes (Create or Update) to an Autotask Opportunity, the Opportunity Advanced Fields 1 through 5 can now contain information from the QuoteWerks document including Recurring information, deposit information, the Total Cost / Price of a particular QuoteWerks Item Type, and more. This is helpful when running reports on opportunities within Autotask.

  17. For Tech Data Canada, the Excel formatted Tech Data Price Quotation that you receive from your Tech Data sales rep can now be imported into QuoteWerks.

  18. The Australian distributor Dicker Data is now supported! For Dicker Data customers, the QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription now returns the Dicker Data part numbers, Cost and List pricing, eliminating the need to import product and pricing information

  19. For QuoteValet users, if a customer views a QuoteValet quote and it is not the first view, but it is the first view since it was just revised and re-uploaded, then the sales rep will now receive a notification. Posted live Aug-9-2013 4:40pm

  20. For QuoteValet users, on the QuoteValet tab of the quote workbook, under the payments area, there is now a display for "Total Payments Made".

  21. Added a LastModifiedBy field on the Notes tab of the Quote WorkBook. Great for knowing what user last modified the quote

  22. For QuoteValet users, there is now an option "Allow regular documents to be imported from QuoteValet" on the QuoteValet tab under the Tools->Options menu. Documents created in Remote installations and then uploaded to QuoteValet will display in the QuoteValet Inbox of the Master installation and vice-versa. When this option is set, you can import this document into the local installation if it does not exist. This is an easy way to import a document into an installation rather than doing a DTF export/import or a sync requiring a VPN connection. This is designed only to be used to import a document into an installation to then take over actions on the document. If both the Remote and the Master are updating their copies of this document problems will arise

  23. For QuoteValet users, there is now an option "Prompt to Convert to Order when acceptance detected" on the QuoteValet tab under the Tools->Options menu. When unchecked, it will no longer prompt you to convert the quote to an order when opening a document that has been accepted through QuoteValet.

  24. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for IT Distributor ASI ( ).

  25. For Product Content Subscribers (powered by Etilize), ASI pricing & availability is now available on the Etilize Panel if you have an accounts with this distributor.

  26. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for Distributor Jenne ( ).

  27. For Product Content Subscribers (powered by Etilize), Jenne pricing & availability is now available on the Etilize Panel if you have an accounts with this distributor

  28. The Product Content Subscription now has PartLocator support for Supplies Network. We've negotiated an arrangement with Supplies Network to host their product data so as to provide our mutual customers with the best experience possible.

  29. For Gmail users, there is a new [set defaults] button on the Email tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. This will prefill the Email SMTP settings with the default Gmail settings.

  30. For GoldMine users, when creating a new Goldmine Opportunity you can now specify the owner of the opportunity rather than it defaulting to the user selected for the GoldMine forecast.

  31. On the Open Document window, there is now a right click "Convert to Lost Sale" menu. This "Convert to Lost Sale" right click menu is also available on the Active Quotes Panel. It helps speed up the process by opening the quote and initiating the Convert to Lost process.

  32. The Purchasing window is now resizable, and also remembers the last location and size (per user).

  33. On the Select Contact Window, there is now an "All" button that enables you to use the selected contact for all of the contact fields including Sold To, Ship To, and Bill To.

  34. Added spotlight feature for the Access Rights tab under the Edit User Properties window. This is useful for quickly finding a Misc Access Right. This spotlight feature will highlight in bold all matching list entries and will ghost all entries that do not match.

  35. Added a new type of user rights that start with "NonMasterRightsUser_". The ability to perform these actions is usually reserved for only users with Master rights, but by assigning these individual rights to a user, the user can perform individual actions that previously only the user with Master Rights could do.

  36. Added Misc Access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanDeleteQuoteValetDocuments". If a customer has accepted a document through QuoteValet, it cannot be deleted. With this right you can. Normally you do not want to delete a document from QuoteValet that has been electronically signed, so this is usually only used when some kind of mistake was made.

  37. Added Misc Access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanAdministerAnyUsersDocuments". With this right, a user can view/modify/delete any users documents.

  38. Added Misc Access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanModifyUsers". With this right a user can modify an existing user account. There are several restrictions. The user cannot add or clone a user. The user cannot assign or remove master rights. The user cannot assign or remove the rights starting with "CanSee" or "NonMasterRightsUser_", cannot create/modify/delete groups, cannot create/modify/delete approval profiles. Only users with master rights can perform those functions. Primarily this right is meant to allow the user to change users passwords, make them inactive, change the menu rights, change most misc access rights, and change who can view/modify/delete their documents.

  39. Added Misc Access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanAdministerSystemEmailTemplates". With this right the user can modify the system email templates.

  40. Added Misc Access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanDismissOthersQuoteValetNotifications". With this right the user can dismiss QuoteValet Inbox notifications of other users.

  41. Added Misc Access right "CannotUseQuoteValetWeb". Use this to not allow the user to use any portion of the QuoteValet web product ( ).

  42. Added Misc Access right "CanUseQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary". If this is set, the user can access the Dashboard->Executive Summary in QuoteValet Web

  43. Added Misc Access right "CannotUseQuoteValetWebMySummary". If this is set, then the user will not be able to access the Dashboard->My Summary in QuoteValet Web.

  44. Added Misc Access right "CanUseQuoteValetWebLeaderboard". If this is set, the user can access the Dashboard->Leaderboard in QuoteValet Web.

  45. Added a new type of user rights that start with "CanSee". By default, even users with Master Rights cannot perform these actions unless they are specifically granted to them.

  46. Added Misc Access right "CanSeeTotalsInQuoteValetWebMySummary". Depending upon the purpose why you are giving the user access to the QuoteValet Web My Summary, you may or may not want them to see the totals all the orders or quotes combined together. In certain cases you do not want your users knowing the total gross sales.

  47. Added Misc Access rights "CanSeeDateRangeThisWeekInQuoteValetWebMySummary", "CanSeeDateRangeLastWeekInQuoteValetWebMySummary", "CanSeeDateRangeThisMonthInQuoteValetWebMySummary", "CanSeeDateRangeLastMonthInQuoteValetWebMySummary", "CanSeeDateRangeTwoMonthsAgoInQuoteValetWebMySummary", "CanSeeDateRangeThisYearInQuoteValetWebMySummary", and "CanSeeDateRangeLastYearInQuoteValetWebMySummary". These are used to control how much historical data you want the user to see. It makes sense for them to see the last week or month, but do they need to see the entire year? or does that begin to show them more than you want them to be able to see?

  48. Added Misc Access right "CanSeeTotalsInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary". Depending upon the purpose why you are giving the user access to the QuoteValet Web Executive Summary, you may or may not want them to see the totals all the orders or quotes combined together. In certain cases you do not want your users knowing the total gross sales.

  49. Added Misc Access rights "CanSeeDateRangeThisWeekInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", "CanSeeDateRangeLastWeekInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", "CanSeeDateRangeThisMonthInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", "CanSeeDateRangeLastMonthInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", "CanSeeDateRangeTwoMonthsAgoInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", "CanSeeDateRangeThisYearInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary", and "CanSeeDateRangeLastYearInQuoteValetWebExecutiveSummary". These are used to control how much historical data you want the user to see. It makes sense for them to see the last week or month, but do they need to see the entire year? or does that begin to show them more than you want them to be able to see?

  50. For Sage 50 US Edition (Peachtree) users, when exporting Purchase Orders you are now prompted to enter a PO number for the Peachtree PO. [Service Release: 1.01]

  51. ConnectWise 2013.3 is now supported. [Service Release: 1.02]

  52. Tech Data Excel Quote Importer now imports List/Retail Price. [Service Release: 1.02]

  53. For ConnectWise users, the ShortDescription field from the ConnectWise Product definition is now displayed in the Product Lookup. It is mapped by default to the CustomText02 field. To have access to this new column, you will need to edit the ConnectWise Product Data Source under the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu and choose to include the new column. On the ConnectWise Product screen, the field labeled "Description" is what is mapped to the QuoteWerks "ShortDescription" field on the Product Lookup. On the ConnectWise Product screen, the field labeled "Customer Description" is what is mapped to the QuoteWerks "Description" field on the Product Lookup. If the ConnectWise "Customer Description" is empty, then QuoteWerks will grab the ConnectWise "Description" field and place it in the QuoteWerks "Description" field. [Service Release: 1.02]

  54. For ConnectWise users, when creating products in ConnectWise, the Product's ManufacturerPartNumber is now set in the ConnectWise Product. This feature is supported in ConnectWise 2013.1 and higher. [Service Release: 1.02]

  55. For ConnectWise users, when creating products in ConnectWise, if the Manufacturer for the product does not exist in ConnectWise it will be automatically created in ConnectWise. This feature is supported in ConnectWise 2013.1 and higher. [Service Release: 1.02]

  56. For ConnectWise users, you can now create Purchase Orders in ConnectWise. Under the new Tools->Purchasing menu you have access to all the Order items in QuoteWerks and can easily create ConnectWise Purchase Orders that contain items from multiple orders. Items that do not exist in ConnectWise will be created. Additionally if using the Online Ordering feature of the real-time module, after the items are ordered you will be asked if you want to create a Purchase Order in ConnectWise for the items you just ordered electronically. There is a new Purchase Orders tab on the ConnectWise setup window to enable or disable the PO integration with ConnectWise. Purchase Orders are supported in ConnectWise 2013.1 and higher. [Service Release: 1.03]

  57. For Peachtree users, when exporting Purchase Orders at the same time as exporting the order, for all the vendors in the order, all the Purchase Orders are now individually sent over separately one at a time rather than in a single batch. This way if one purchase order fails to be created, all the others will still be created. [Service Release: 1.03]

  58. Added [Launch QuoteValet Web] button on the QuoteValet Dashboard. [Service Release: 1.07]

  59. Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) version 6.0/2013 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.14]

  60. There is now a 'My Summary' Dashboard in QuoteWerks. It shows a summary total number and total amount of quotes and orders from this month, last month and two months ago. It also shows all the sales' reps quotes that expire within the next 7 days. It also shows any opportunities in ConnectWise that a quote has been requested for. There is a link on the expiring quotes for QuoteValet users to easily post a comment on the expiring quote on QuoteValet to remind the customer that the quote is expiring soon. It also shows a list of all the document that have been recently opened. Pressing the F5 key on the Dashboard will refresh it. The Dashboard is accessible through the new Dashboard icon on the toolbar. [Service Release: 1.14]

  61. For ConnectWise users, quotes can now be created starting with ConnectWise Opportunities. When a new opportunity is created in ConnectWise or an existing opportunity in ConnectWise is set to have an opportunity status of "CreateQuote", the ConnectWise Opportunity will appear in the QuoteWerks My Summary Dashboard under the Notifications section. From there you can click on the "Create Quote for ConnectWise Opportunity" link. This will create a new quote in QuoteWerks and populate the SoldTo information with the customer information associated with the opportunity. The description from the opportunity will be copied into the internal notes field on the Notes tab. It will also associate the opportunity with the quote so that when saving the quote this existing opportunity will be updated. This feature was designed so that you can have a person out in the field creating a new ConnectWise opportunity using ConnectWise mobile and just enter some basic specifications for the opportunity. Then back in the office, the person assigned to create quotes will automatically be notified that they need to create a quote for this opportunity. The same concept applies even if the opportunity is created using regular ConnectWise vs ConnectWise Mobile. [Service Release: 1.14]

  62. The Configuration window is now resizable! [Service Release: 1.14]

  63. When saving as next revision, if the document is locked, the resulting revision document will be unlocked. If the document was approved, the approval will be removed. [Service Release: 1.14]

  64. For QuoteValet users, on the QuoteValet Dashboard the [Launch QuoteValet Web] button now passes the QuoteValet TenantAccountNumber and UserName to the QuoteValet Web login screen. [Service Release: 1.14]

  65. For MS CRM Users, there is now an option to select which MS Dynamics CRM entity (Account/Contact, or Opportunity) to attach attachments to such as Mail attachments, Linked Documents, QuoteWerks Links Tab documents. [Service Release: 1.17]

  66. The menu View->QuoteValet Dashboard has been added. This is the counter-part to the QuoteValet main toolbar button. Since this is now a menu, you can use the menu rights to hide this menu and toolbar icon if desired. [Service Release: 1.17]

  67. The menu View->MySummary Dashboard has been added. This is the counter-part to the Dashboard main toolbar button. Since this is now a menu, you can use the menu rights to hide this menu and toolbar icon if desired. [Service Release: 1.17]

  68. Added support for setting the Document default values for CustomText21 - 24 through the SITE.INI file. Under the [Defaults] section of the SITE.INI file, you can set ini keys (for example) of CustomText21=my default. [Service Release: 1.17]

  69. For ConnectWise users, when pulling in Company->TaxRate via the DataLink if no TaxCode is defined on the selected Site then the TaxCode specified on the Company Finance record is used instead. [Service Release: 1.17]

Miscellaneous Features

  1. For MS CRM 5.0 users, the "CRM Live (Passport/Office 365)" authentication method is the only method that now works with MS CRM 5.0, so all other methods are now disabled for MS CRM 5.0

  2. The Select Contact Window has been resized to be larger and has a newer look for most contact manager integrations.

  3. For Product Content Subscribers (powered by Etilize) in Australia, there is now an Australia drop-down selection in the Country Selection of the Product Content Subscription setup.

  4. The Etilize tab on the Real-time Setup window has been renamed to "Content Subscription".

  5. When first starting QuoteWerks and the Login Window is displayed, it now appears in the Windows Tray.

  6. When installing new builds and data conversion is required, the database query timeout was increased from 30 to 240 seconds to allow large databases more time to process the data conversion queries.

  7. Removed the DocumentHeaders.CreditCardNumber, DocumentHeaders.CreditCardExp, DocumentHeaders.CreditCardName, DocumentHeaders. CreditCardBilling fields from QuoteWerks. They were never in use

  8. For QuoteValet users, you can no longer upload a document to QuoteValet unless an email address is setup for the document's SalesRep. The e-mail address can be specified on the E-Mail tab under the Tools->My Preferences menu.

  9. For QuoteValet users, when first uploading a quote for peer review or approval, when viewed from the QuoteValet Dashboard Inbox tab the Delivered on text would say 'Delivered December 30, 1899'. This was because it was not delivered to the customer yet. Now it will say "Peer Review Requested", "Approval Requested", and "Delivered" respectively with the appropriate date.

  10. For QuoteValet users, when starting with an Order and uploading QuoteValet, internally the "UploadedForCustomerAcceptance" date is now being set which allows for the [View Customer Facing page] button on the QuoteValet tab of the WorkBook to be enabled.

  11. For QuoteValet users, on the Inbox tab of the QuoteValet Dashboard, the count of inbox items will now show how many total notifications there are, for example, "51 notifications (Only the first 51 of 505 have been loaded.)".

  12. Increased the FulfillmentItems.VendorLineStatus and FulfillmentItems.LineStatus field lengths from 20 to 30 to accommodate larger status values returned from the distributors

  13. To accommodate the new Redo feature, the CTRL-Y keyboard shortcut that used to be assigned to the Edit->Clear Line menu is now used for the Redo feature and CTRL-K keyboard shortcut is now assigned to the Edit->Clear Line menu.

  14. Fixed tab order on Open Document window.

  15. For Etilize users, Etilize has changed their web service URLs which requires an update in QuoteWerks as the old urls will no longer work as of October 24th, 2013. [Service Release: 1.01]

  16. For Ingram Micro online ordering users, when placing orders using a Flooring Account, the initial order status request will come back with an error that the PO is not found. For the Ingram Micro issue, what is happening is that you receive that error that the PO number for the order you just placed cannot be found because a Flooring account was specified in the order. Behind the scenes at Ingram Micro, for Orders with Flooring Accounts, the order gets moved to a billing table which is why it is not found when requested. Later when it has been billed, it will be moved to the history table and will then be accessible again. A change was made to supply the Flooring account number with the OrderStatus request so that the PO will be found. This will circumvent the error on the initial ordering. The error may still be received on subsequent PO OrderStatus requests until the order has moved to the history table. [Service Release: 1.02]

  17. The DecimalCharacter and ThousandsSeparator are now saved into the site.ini, so QuoteValet will have access to them. [Service Release: 1.07]

  18. For Peachtree users, with large amounts of data like over 10,000 customers and items, made some improvements to memory management for these large files. [Service Release: 1.07]

  19. The QuoteValet Dashboard is now on a combined window with the new 'My Summary' Dashboard. Each dashboard is on its own tab within the same window. [Service Release: 1.14]

  20. For ConnectWise users, on the ConnectWise Setup window, renamed the Purchase Order tab to Settings. [Service Release: 1.14]

  21. For Peachtree 2011 users and higher, some item related operations are now faster. [Service Release: 1.14]

  22. Added Technical Support debug command for Outlook version and bitness checking. [Service Release: 1.17]

  23. The main toolbar Dashboard and QuoteValet toolbar buttons now remain enabled when all documents are closed. [Service Release: 1.17]

  24. The File->Print menu was renamed to File->Print/E-mail/Deliver. [Service Release: 1.17]

  25. The "Print" toolbar button on the main toolbar has been renamed to "Deliver". [Service Release: 1.17]

  26. Removed Maximizer button from the Open Document, Product Lookup [Service Release: 1.17]

  27. The Outlook BCM deployment tool bug reported in Outlook 2007 BCM was not fixed in Outlook 2010 BCM or Outlook 2013 BCM. Rather than use this automation tool, the user will now need to manually configure Outlook BCM to work with QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.17]


  1. When creating a new user, the user name is limited to 50 chars. Entering larger would cause an error when the installation was hosted on SQL.

  2. For Product Content Subscribers (powered by Etilize), the default vendor would not be selected after loading non-Etilize Vendors

  3. For Product Content Subscribers (powered by Etilize) in Australia, the Ingram Micro Australia would not always be displayed via the PartLocator.

  4. Would receive error "The text, ntext, and image data types cannot be used in the WHERE, HAVING, or ON clause, except with the LIKE or IS NULL predicates." or error "The data types ntext and varchar are incompatible in the equal to operator." This would happen when rehosted to the SQL backend and an "Equal to" search was performed on a Description field which is a memo field.

  5. For Ingram Micro Australia users, in certain cases the PartLocator was not finding the Ingram Micro Australia part number.

  6. On the Activity Notifications tab of the QuoteValet setup, if you selected "2) Where document is owned by User or user within a Group" before the "activity type" drop down box had a selection would receive an error "method 'ItemData' of object '_DComboBox' failed".

  7. For QuoteValet users, when starting with an Order and uploading QuoteValet, on the QuoteValet Dashboard Inbox tab, it would say the order was 'Delivered December 30, 1899'. The fix was posted to on July 26, 2013. If the customer has not paid for the order yet, you can re-upload the order to QuoteValet and the date will be properly updated.

  8. For QuoteValet users, in the document activity history, on the QuoteValet dashboard, the "Time Elapsed" row would not display if the time lapse was between the first and second row of activity.

  9. Under Tools->Options, on the Documents tab, if you put your cursor in CustomText11 or CustomText12, and press the F2 key, it displays the F2 Lookup for the CustomText10 field.

  10. For ConnectWise users, when converting a QuoteWerks Quote to Order/Invoice the dtf attachments on the corresponding opportunity would not be updated.

  11. For ConnectWise users, when creating/updating an opportunity in ConnectWise the Company address for the opportunity would always be set to the Company's "Default" address regardless of which address had been originally chosen when setting the QuoteWerks SoldTo contact information.

  12. For API users, when using Application.ItemFunctions.LineItemSetValue for cQtyBase, if the line item was a group header line, the individual bundle line group multiplier quantities were not getting set.

  13. For ConnectWise users, when pulling in Company->TaxRate via the DataLink the value is now sourced from the tax rate associated with the user-selected Site address. Prior to this the tax rate was sourced from the default territory set on the company record.

  14. For SYNNEX online ordering, the Billing Account Number override was not getting sent in the SYNNEX online order.

  15. For BlueStar real-time users, the pricing and availability request was not working. [Service Release: 1.01]

  16. On the Templates tab of the QuoteValet Setup window, if you selected a template type would receive "Error loading QuoteValet templates". [Service Release: 1.03]

  17. For ConnectWise users running a version lower than 2013.1, when creating products in ConnectWise, would receive error that the manufacturer must exist if you supply the manufacturer with the product creation. [Service Release: 1.03]

  18. For ConnectWise users, running versions earlier than 2013.1, would receive error 13 type mismatch when creating/updating the ConnectWise Opportunity while adding the products to the opportunity. [Service Release: 1.05]

  19. When choosing the right click menu option "Manually Update with PO Number" on the Purchasing window would receive error "run-time error '438'". [Service Release: 1.05]

  20. For QuickBooks users, when exporting QuoteValet payments to QuickBooks, the "Map Payment Method Deposit Account" mapping was being ignored and was instead always using the default. [Service Release: 1.05]

  21. On the Open Document window, the [Reset] button was not clearing the item search field or item search value. Also DocumentDate range and Expires date range was not getting reset. [Service Release: 1.07]

  22. For QuoteValet users, that setup the new Google Contacts CRM integration, would receive error "Error updating installation site info. '>' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '='. Line 372, position 35." when communicating with QuoteValet. [Service Release: 1.07]

  23. For ConnectWise users, when selecting a contact for the quote, in some cases would receive error "run time error 91 object variable not set". This would happen when the contact in ConnectWise had a primary address set for it that is invalid/corrupt. [Service Release: 1.14]

  24. For Outlook users, under Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu, when choosing Outlook, if "enable advanced integration" was checked, and the setup screen was entered before interacting with Outlook would receive "Error in GetOutlookVersion". [Service Release: 1.14]

  25. For ConnectWise users, would receive error "overflow" when saving an opportunity. Had to do with company address record id being larger than 32,000. [Service Release: 1.14]

  26. For users that have enabled State and Country Picklists, when searching for an account or contact, QuoteWerks was returning a "Fault Code (1218). No such column 'mailingCountryCode' on entity 'contact'." or similar message depending on the field and table requested from In some cases, an error 457 would be returned. [Service Release: 1.14]

  27. For Outlook users, when sending an email that contained embedded images and the 64-bit version of Outlook was installed would receive error "Run-time error '-2147220998 (800401fa)': Automation error Wrong OS or OS version for application". Images embedded in the QuoteWerks email will now longer be included in the Outlook email in this case. [Service Release: 1.17]

  28. The web browser "quotewerks:" protocol handler was not recognizing the CustomText21-CustomText24 fields. [Service Release: 1.17]

  29. For Etilize users, when right clicking on an item in the product lookup and choosing 'Copy" would receive error "Provider Error (10) at least 1 'Vendor' node must me in the XML request" when there were no realtime credentials entered for any of the realtime vendors that QuoteWerks supports. [Service Release: 1.17]

  30. The following fields were not available for word merging and cover pages &DH_&AlternateCommissionAmount, &DH_AlternateGSTTax, &DH_&AlternateProfitAmount", &DH_&AlternateTotalCost, &DH_&AlternateTotalList, &DH_AlternateShippingAmount. [Service Release: 1.17]

  31. The View->Associated documents and View->Document Revisions menus simply display different tabs on the same window. If one of these menus was hidden, the corresponding tab on the window would not be hidden. [Service Release: 1.17]

  32. For MS CRM Users, when attaching a document to the Opportunity Record, would receive a "Error: 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name g'" if the document in Quotewerks was not associated with an MS Dynamics CRM Opportunity. [Service Release: 1.17]

  33. For MS CRM Users, when converting a Quote to an Order or Invoice, the corresponding Quote and Opportunity in MS CRM were not reflecting the document number change unless a the document was resaved in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.17]

  34. For MS CRM Users, when renaming a document in QuoteWerks, the corresponding Quote and Opportunity in MS CRM were not reflecting the document name change unless a the document was resaved in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.17]

  35. For QuoteWerks users that have a real-time module, but do not have the Product Content Subscription, the Region and Extended Sources on the Product Content Subscription tab are now disabled. [Service Release: 1.17]

  36. On certain windows when clicking on a minimized window in the Windows tray would receive error 380 invalid property value. [Service Release: 1.17]

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