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New Features of QuoteWerks 4.9 Build 4

QuoteWerksNew Features

  1. ConnectWise 2014.3 is now supported!
  2. SugarCRM 7.0 and 7.1 are now supported!
  3. For SugarCRM Enterprise 7.0 and higher users, Opportunity Revenue Line Items are now supported in SugarCRM opportunities
  4. GoldMine 2014.1 is now supported!
  5. The Product Content Subscription now has PartLocator support for ScanSource. We've negotiated an arrangement with ScanSource to host their parts list to provide our mutual customers with a better ability to locate ScanSource part numbers when quoting. This catalog includes the parts from all divisions of ScanSource
  6. For users, there is an option for writing product details into the opportunity. If the products do not exist in there is an option to create them. There is also an option for Grouped Bundles to only send over the Grouped Bundle header line instead of the individual products. A default Price Book can be set for the opportunities QuoteWerks creates. This opportunity products integration also supports the CRM Product ID partnumber generation feature. To activate this functionality, choose the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu, choose, click [Setup], and then check the option to write details
  7. The DataLink feature has been vastly improved. For users, you can configure the DataLink to copy information from QuoteWerks into opportunity fields when QuoteWerks creates or updates a opportunity. This can be done on the opportunity level with the EventAction of "CRMOppHeader_CreateUpdate". Information can also be copied at the line item level when QuoteWerks is creating/updating opportunity product items using the EventAction of "CRMOppItem_CreateUpdate". The DataLink is bi-directional so after the Opportunity is created/updated in you can setup a DataLink mapping to copy information from the opportunity back into the QuoteWerks quote. This can be done at the opportunity level and also the opportunity product items level enabling you to update QuoteWerks line item columns with information from the opportunity or opportunity product items.
  8. Added new 'Tip of the Day' wizard. Help->Tip of the Day menu has options to copy the tip to the clipboard and bookmark your favorite tips. You can hold SHIFT and click [Next] or [Previous] to cycle through bookmarked tips.
  9. Added new Tools->Refresh item Details menu. With this you can refresh line item information by re-retrieving field information from the product data source that the item is associated with. The ManufacturerPartNumber field will be used to lookup the product in the product database indicated in the Vendor field. The feature supports multiple-selections enabling you to update multiple line items at the same time. The Refresh item Details window enables you to choose which individual fields you would like to refresh and will remember your selections when updating multiple line items at the same time. The refreshing obeys the same Tools->Options Field Links tab settings use when adding items to the quote. There is also toolbar button above the grid for this Refresh item Details feature
  10. For ConnectWise users, you can now create a new ConnectWise Company record from the QuoteWerks SoldTo/ShipTo tab. For the feature to be enabled, the SoldTo field cannot already be populated with a contact that was retrieved from ConnectWise. Also, the Company field and Contact field must both be populated. This feature is available on the toolbar above the SoldTo, ShipTo, and BillTo areas of the Quote WorkBook. There is also an Access Right "CannotCreateCRMContact" that you can set if you do not want specific users to be able to use this feature
  11. For Peachtree users, on the Defaults tab of the Peachtree setup, you can now choose to not set accounts for new item defaults
  12. For Peachtree users, on the Create Peachtree Item window, you can now choose "Cost of Sales" type accounts for the Salary/Wages Account" for "Non-stock item" items.
  13. For Tech Data online ordering users, there is now options to choose the payment method for the order as Terms, your Flooring Account, or your credit card on file with Tech Data.
  14. For Online ordering users, the Special Instructions field for Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and D&H now support the F2Lookup feature. Just press the F2 key or double-click in the field to bring up a list of selections for the field.
  15. Added options "Don't Unlock/Rescind Approval when converting to Order" and "Don't Unlock/Rescind Approval when converting to Invoice" on the Installation tab under the Tools->Options menu.
  16. For ConnectWise users, on the Products.Bundles tab of the ConnectWise Setup, there are new options on how to handle QuoteWerks Recurring Groups when sending them over to a ConnectWise Opportunity. The new options are a) "Represent Grouped Bundles (Recurring) as", b) "ConnectWise Bundle product ID (recurring):", c) "Grouped Bundle Header Line (Recurring) Item Type".
  17. For Product Content Subscribers, the QuoteWerks Tax Code can now be mapped to an Etilize Category Name. If no Tax Code is mapped, the default tax code set on the Document Items Tab of the Tools->Options Menu will be used. As an example, this allows you to setup automatic mappings to tax hardware and not tax software renewals.
  18. For Product Content Subscribers in North America, there is now an option to select the Etilize Language of English, French, or Spanish. Etilize populates all of their products with English descriptions and a subset in French and Spanish. The catalog size for non-English Languages are not as large and you will have limited results.
  19. On the Purchasing window, the tracking number feature to track the shipments on the Shipping Carriers website now supports shipping carrier services of "FedEx Priority Overnight" and "FEDEX 1DAYPM".
  20. Purchase Orders can now be created in QuoteWerks that are not electronic orders. Manually created QuoteWerks Purchase Orders behave much the same as the Purchase Orders created to track electronic orders, with the major difference being that the manually created Purchase Orders are not updated automatically with realtime shipping tracking and serial number information. That information, however, can be manually entered into the manually created Purchase Orders. Manually created Purchase Orders are created in the same area as the electronic purchase orders on the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window. This feature requires (Corporate Edition) or (Professional Edition + Realtime module).

Misc Features

  1. For Tech Data USA customers using the Product Content Subscription, if Etilize returns a Tech Data part number that begins with a 7, it will no longer be selected by default. Tech Data USA part numbers that start with a "7" are kitted versions of a different part number.
  2. On the Purchasing window, when using the Etilize panel to change the vendor that you will purchase the item from, after updating the item with the new vendor, the Etilize panel no longer tries to reload all the pricing again, resulting in a speed increase.
  3. For users, if the test login fails, you are now prompted with a "Trouble logging into" dialog.
  4. For users, searching large PriceBooks from within QuoteWerks is significantly faster.
  5. Activated beta testing support for ConnectWise 2014.4
  6. Activated beta testing support for Peachtree 2015
  7. Updated ScanSource real-time pricing & availability URL
  8. For Product Content Subscribers, when a result was found from the PartLocator or the Consumer Prices only (not via Etilize), there would be a blank line in the vendor list.


  1. For ConnectWise users, in some cases when there are over 100 products on the quote, ConnectWise would timeout while running the query request.
  2. For Product Content Subscribers in Australia, the "Limit Results to My Distributors" was available but should not have been.
  3. For Tech Data USA customers using the Product Content Subscription, if a Product had a Promo Price, the expiration date of the promotion was not being displayed
  4. Fixed the tab order of the fields on the Custom tab of the Quote WorkBook
  5. For Product Content Subscribers, some characters in the descriptions returned by Etilize would appear in QuoteWerks improperly
  6. For Google Contact users, some characters returned by Google Contacts would appear in QuoteWerks improperly
  7. For ConnectWise users, when QuoteWerks creates manual POs in ConnectWise as part of the QuoteWerks ConnectWise PO Integration you will be prompted to select the Ship To Warehouse (defaulted according to the corresponding ConnectWise Setup Table). If only one warehouse is available then it will be selected silently and no prompt will occur.
  8. When clicking on the tracking number on the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, would receive an error about the shipping carrier not being recognized.
  9. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, when right clicking and choosing "Close PO", the date specified would not be correctly set if the user's regional date format was not USA.
  10. When using the quotewerks://newfromtemplate protocol handler, when setting the SoldToPriceProfile, the document items were not getting refreshed based on the new SoldToPriceProfile.
  11. For ConnectWise users, when only a single order document was open and the Purchasing window was opened, closing the single document, and then a ConnectWise PO was created, would receive error about GetActiveSheet and invalid property.
  12. When doing a Print->Email or Print-Save-as PDF for a PO document, the PO DocumentAttachment file macro located on the Misc tab of the Tools->Options menu was not being used. Also file generation like "PO_FLAO2111A_{NO FILTER}.pdf" will now be "PO_FLAO2111A_AllVendors.pdf" when generating a po that contains the items from all vendors.
  13. On Ingram Micro online ordering when prompted to backorder an item or remove it from the order, it would always remove it from the order.
  14. On the QuoteValet Dashboard, on the Inbox tab, the last selected user was not being remembered
  15. Issue with converting items to a group where the group members were not flagged as group members. [Service Release: 7.01]

To refer to the features of the previous release click here

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