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Maximizer Enterprise 9.5
What's New

Raising the Bar Even Higher for High-Performance Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Support

Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 builds on the proven Maximizer Enterprise 9 solution and gives you more ways to work the way you want. If you have an earlier version of Maximizer Enterprise™, these versions take sales, marketing, and customer service & support to the next level with several enhancements.

  • Simplicity - Less clicks and a more consistent interface
  • Security - More control of access to data

  • Scaleability - Better able to grow with your business
  • Architecture - Internal redesign for the future
  • Integration - More powerful integration options for key business systems
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These simple themes have created the most versatile version of Maximizer yet.  With so many changes we can’t begin to detail them all! 

This is a product that will support the performance improvements your organisation needs giving you more control of your business and integrates your Maximizer user more closely with the rest of your business than ever before.

A more Consistent User Interface

In keeping with the simplicity theme key forms in Maximizer now have a common look and feel.     Open an addressbook record and the form is similar to an opportunity or a customer service case.

Many field updates can now be done on the form without ‘poping-up’ list selection screens.  These changes make Maximizer easier to use and quicker for new users to learn.

A New Outlook and Exchange Integration

The calendar and contact integration in Maximizer Enterprise 9 is completely new.  It has been re-written from scratch to provide great integration with one of your most important business applications.

The new Outlook integration provides two way synchronisation with your Microsoft Outlook calendar.  The option of the new Microsoft Exchange integration means that any changes made to your Outlook calendar will always appear in your Maximizer calendar and appointments can be scheduled in Maximizer by non Maximizer users.

Two way synchronisation of contacts to Outlook is controlled by a security privilege and allows your preferred favourite list of contacts to be shared with your Outlook contact list.

New Quick Action Plans

Making a appearance throughout version 9 are the new Action Plans which enable commonly repeated sequences of tasks to be scheduled with a few clicks.

Action plans a very versatile and can form the basis for many simple work-flow systems.  As tasks can automatically be scheduled for the current or specified users.

For example, a new enquiry plan might be applied to a lead by Marketing creating a Send Brochure task for sales admin and two follow-up calls for the sales team.

Improved Reporting

In addition to the inclusion of many new reports there are a number of significant reporting improvements including the upgrade to Crystal Reports XI.

All column reports now have the option of exporting their contents to Microsoft Excel.

All standard reports now output to an even wider range of destinations which include PDF.

More Security options

Two level security (like V8 UDFs) has been extended to include notes and Addressbook records.  Now each record can have a full access user or group and a read only access user or group.  Notes created by one user need no longer be updatable by everyone else.

There are also improvements to the management and operation of Privileges and Security Groups which will make these much more easily used.  In  the SQL edition security has been pushed down to the database ensuring better corporate security.

Enhanced Telephone Integration

If you have a TAPI compliant phone system most users can now take advantage of improved telephone integration which includes new matching algorithms for inbound Caller Id information.  Callers can now be placed on hold and transferred (complete with notes) to another Maximizer user.

Updated Web Clients

Significant updates to the web clients have been made ensuring that they are suitable for much wider range of users.  The employee portal includes key features such as a document upload capability, improved send email, column set-ups and a greater customisation capability.

Max Exchange Improvements

With over 30 improvements to Max Exchange this key component of Maximizer is more controllable, more relieable and more manageable than ever before.  Some significant changes include synchronising 3rd party data (eg. from you backoffice systems), and the ability to limit refreshes by date and document size.  Max Exchange now also synchronises favourite lists.

Hidden Changes

Highlighted here are some of the most visible changes to Maximizer very many of the changes in this version are to the underlying Architecture of the system, they will be appreciated by your IT Manager but are not visible to the average user.  These changes took considerable development time and are just as important as those above as they allow Maximizer to support your business as it grows.

There’s so many changes we can’t list them all.  Ask your CABC account manager to tell you more!

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